Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun With Bird Showers

If you do not own a bird, you may not know this, but birds love to get wet. This is especially so, I suspect, with parrot species like lovebirds.

At least once a day, if not more, I take a spray bottle and offer our pair of lovebirds a gentle mist. This activity offers no end of enjoyment for both the birds and we human members of the family. It is funny to watch them react as they stand joyfully in the mist, turning their bodies and moving their heads around so that we don't miss a spot, shaking off the excess. Then when they are good and wet, there is the hilarious spectacle of wet birds. Their plumage becomes puffy, seeming to grow another 50% in bulk by magic, and their head plumage forms a pattern which looks like they have their "hair" gel-spiked. I like to call this the "wet bird hairstyle".

Clean, happy birds and happy humans. It's a good combination.

Pax Vobiscum,

The First Woman VP of the United States - A Conservative?

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain has revealed his choice for a running mate in the 2008 elections and it is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Here the Lifesite gives us the lowdown:

I have to say that I am extremely pleased by this choice. First, I think that it is politically a very smart move for McCain. Already, Obama's position was weakened by snubbing Hillary Clinton for the VP nomination, choosing the rather bland Joe Biden instead. McCain is making the most of this opening by selecting a strong and competent female running mate. Palin's pro-life views also help solidify the Christian base for McCain. And finally, she is an outspoken proponent of expanded drilling for oil, which touches on one of the hottest topics of this election.

However, I do not think that Sarah Palin's strength as a choice is in her gender. The primary reason that I am happy about her is that she is a very firmly pro-life, pro-family conservative who has proven to be capable and intelligent. She is a person who has spoken with actions, not just words, about her pro-life views. Her son Trig was born with Down Syndrome and, although she was advised to abort him, she staunchly defended her son's right to life. Here is a woman who lives her faith rather than just talking it.

In the times ahead, I do not doubt that the liberals will be attacking Governor Palin with some of the most disgusting hatred which we have ever seen. She is a woman who provides living evidence that the liberal ideology about family is deeply flawed. The liberals try to lay claim to women as theirs. To see a strong, confident, but feminine woman - as compared to a shrill banshee like Hillary Clinton - who supports conservative values without shame just outrages them. Let us all pray for Governor Palin, that she will have strength to remain steady through the storm which is brewing for her.

Pax Vobiscum,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Agapornis Catholicis

Greetings, readers, and welcome to the first ever posting here at the home of the Catholic Lovebirds.

In considering the idea of beginning a Catholic-themed blog together, my girlfriend and I struck upon the concept of theming it after our pair of peach-faced lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis). These two little companions live at my apartment and provide joy to our lives through their energetic antics, constant curiosity, and, of course, their affection for each other. We cannot think of a better way to present ourselves for your enjoyment and edification, dear readers. Hence, I have taken on the male's name - Glainead - and my girlfriend shall go by the female's name - Shylah - during our writings at the blog.

Together, the Catholic Lovebirds are on a mission to explore our faith while incorporating the unique and beautiful gifts which God has given to each sex. Just as we are meant to compliment one another in a married life, so we also seek to compliment each other in spiritual understanding.

Last thing - Shylah and I are both avid gamers. On this blog, we will be including features discussing such things as video games, movies, and tv shows from a Catholic perspective as well as a critical one. Feel free to email and ask about a game, movie, or show - we might consider doing a review.

Pax Vobiscum,